How do I get my Chromebook (for Kindergarten) to turn on and charge?

Your Chromebook may be locked in sleep mode. Please try the following procedure:

First, plug in your charger in case the battery is dead.

Push the Escape button, the Refresh button and the Power button all at the same time. They are highlighted in red in the image below.

You should see the following screen. “Please insert recovery USB” (You do not need a recovery USB)

NOTE: It may take up to a minute for the screen to show.

Now Power off the Chromebook. Hold the power button down for several seconds if necessary.

Close the lid for a minute.

Open the lid - The Chromebook may start up normally. Try to sign in.

If it still doesn’t start up, submit a support request so we can get you a loaner so we can take a look at it.