How to take care of your Chromebook

How to take care of your MRCS Chromebook computer

It is important that you take good care of your assigned MRCS Chromebook to keep it working well for many years. Following these guidelines will ensure that your Chromebook lasts longer and requires less maintenance. As an added bonus, it will be in good shape for you to use next year!

You must always transport your Chromebook inside the protective bag that we have provided.

You must always report any damage or problems to your teacher right away.

Cleaning your Chromebook

Always use your laptop case to store and transport your Chromebook.

We have provided properly sized laptop bags. You must always use the laptop bag when you are not using the laptop and when transporting your laptop from one location to another. This will help avoid damage from scratching, squeezing or potentially dropping it.

Keep liquids away from your laptop.

As tempting as it might be to drink coffee, soda, water or any other liquid near your laptop, accidents can happen all too easily. Spilled liquids may damage the internal microelectronic components or cause electrical damage. Short circuits can corrupt data or even permanently destroy some parts of the laptop.

Keep food away from your laptop.

Don't eat over your laptop, the crumbs can fall between the keys and provide an invitation to small bugs or damage the circuitry. Crumbs can also cause keys to stick and not work properly.

Protect the LCD display monitor.

When you shut your laptop, make sure there are no small items, such as a pencil, notebooks, etc. on the keyboard. These can damage the display screen if the laptop is shut on them; the screen will scratch if the item is rough. Open and close the lid gently holding it in the middle. This will prevent excessive pressure on the hinges and extend the life of the laptops.

Hold and lift the computer by its base, not by its LCD display (the screen).

If you lift it by the screen alone, you could damage the display or the hinges attaching the display to the base. The display is also easily scratched or damaged by direct pressure – take care not to place pressure on it.

Don't pull on the power cord.

Tugging your power cord out from the power socket rather than pulling directly on the plug can cause the cord to break off from the plug or damage the power socket. Also, if the power cord is near your feet, avoid kicking it accidentally; in fact, it is best to refrain from bumping into the plug at all because you could loosen it and eventually break it.

Be careful not to roll your chair over the computer cord.

This will damage the cord and create risk of electrical shock/fire hazards. Arrange the cord effectively to prevent a tripping hazard and damage to the laptop. Let us know if you need a surge protector or help with cable management.

Be sure to plug accessory devices into their proper slots.

Always look at the symbols on the laptop carefully before inserting devices. Jamming a phone line into an Ethernet port or vice versa could damage the sockets, making it impossible to use them again. It is very important to observe this step.

Don't expose your laptop to rapid temperature changes.

When bringing your laptop indoors during winter, don't turn it on immediately. Instead, let it warm to room temperature first. This will avoid any potential for damage to the disk drive from condensation forming inside the machine. Avoid heat from sunlight as well

Don't leave your laptop in a car.

Not only do the insides of cars experience large temperature swings that could damage a laptop, but a laptop (or laptop bag) is an inviting target for a smash and grab thief.

Avoid placing heavy materials, such as books, on top of your laptop.

This can push the LCD screen into the keyboard, and will eventually damage it. You should never place heavy items on top of the Chromebook. Do not stack more than 4 Chromebooks on top of each other.

Use your laptop on a hard flat surface.

Repeated use of a laptop on a bed or cushions will cause the fans to suck up the dust and debris, ultimately blocking the fan. It may also cause the laptop to overheat when the vents are blocked by blankets or pillows.

Your MRCS Chromebook is for School work only. Do not try to install games or other software.

Do not install any software that is not approved by your teacher. Notify your teacher immediately if you suspect that malware has been installed on your computer.

Your MRCS Chromebook is school property. Do not personalize the laptop with stickers or any marks of any kind.

Do not place any stickers on the laptop in any location. Do not make any marks using pencils, pens, markers or crayons.

Do not remove the MRCS ID sticker on the laptop.